Sunday, October 16, 2005


You know what I want? A decent nickname. People constantly mangle my name to the point where I have to wonder if it's intentional and I end up repeating it myself so many times that I begin to doubt my own pronunciation. Sex Kitten is the closest I've ever come to a nickname. It's entirely inappropriate in that I'm just such stone-ground wheat wholesomeness it's funny. All saccharine and sunshine. Or strychnine and UV. Bah. Anyway, Sex Kitten doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. And it would horrify everyone who thinks I'm a Good Brown Girl. Well, maybe that's a plus.

Good Brown Girl deserves to be capitalized. In my world it's an archetype just as much as the Imprisoned Damsel or the Sexually Aware And Therefore Dangerous Woman in the fairy tales. Of course what exactly constitutes a Good Brown Girl (GBG) is variable. These things are always variable or the stories get stale but there are a few constants, for instance she is Virtuous and should be coupled with her counterpart, the Nice Brown Boy (NBB).

In order to scramble any flow I may have here, I'm going to end abruptly by complaining about the spellcheck on here. It doesn't work, just makes a "sweek!" noise. Damned annoying. I had to copy and paste into Word and check it there. I still can't remember, after 15 long years here, whether it's a "z" or an "s" in Canadian spelling. I guess even if the spellcheck did work it would be stuck on American Spelling.


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