Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So Sheepy


I think I should only update in the middle of the night when I'm all sleep deprived and incoherent and perfectly capable of telling a waitress that my friends and I need to find a different restaurant because we just wouldn't feel comfortable having an orgy on the table in the one we're in (the place is just that nice). That way I can blame any stupid things I write on my brain not working right and being hyper-paranoid because I can feel every last loose thread or stray hair brushing my arms like little evil eight-legged creatures out to devour me.

I am so sleepy now but I'm not in bed because going to bed would require digging it out from under all the junk I dumped on it this morning in my frantic rush to get ready for my interview. As for the interview, the person grilling me expressed interest in eating cake. Damned cake. I'm starting to resent cake now and that's just wrong. My mother thinks that it's more important for me to learn how to decorate a wedding cake than to get a job. Bah!

I bah a lot.


  • At 11:03 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think you're cute.
    -Your Secret Admirer

  • At 9:37 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think you're cuter than the other guy thinks.
    -Your TRUE admirer

  • At 12:22 a.m. , Blogger Dazey said...

    Ooooh! C'mon, flame war!!!!

  • At 4:52 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    actually, i think you're cuter than those two guys think.

    - Your REAL true admirer

  • At 6:47 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Omg, there's someone else.
    I'll hunt them down.
    *Your TRUE admirer issues a threat to "Your REAL true admirer"*


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