Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mostly purple

I almost never listen to the radio now. I just have my playlist on Winamp, a bunch of mixed tapes and some burnt CDs I listen to all the time. Which is not good because it's made things stagnant. I'm like some old person who refuses to acknowledge that music was created past the 60s (or in my case the 90s). The only time I come across new music is when shopping (almost always crap), in commercials, (which strikes me as sad) or when someone recommends something. I was watching "The Hour" on CBC tonight, (God only knows why- boredom? masochism?) and was reminded of the old days when I used to listen to George on Punkorama at 2am while I studied or worked on assignments. Back then the only music I got was stuff that the public library carried. I'd get CDs and tape off the songs I liked. Which meant that I only had on hand music that the library system would buy, (maybe that's the real reason I like so much CanCon). So I mostly listened to the radio. I've really got to start listening to the radio again; I'm getting bored with the music I have now. There's only so many times you can listen to the same songs, even if you're cycling through 900.

Now's a good time to listen to the radio. I've messed up my ankle and will be "mobility reduced" for another four weeks or so which is supreme suckiness. The weather's finally warming up too!! To pass the time I've been watching a lot of movies, being out of books at the moment. Also, I am now being fondly referred to as "Limpy".

Movies I watched in the span of four days (while I wasn't allowed out of bed):

Love for all seasons (dumb but amusing)

Omkara (good)

Spirited away (good)

Pan's Labyrinth (really good)

Volver (not as good as I expected)

North and South (technically a 4 part mini-series and quite good)

No Smoking (confusing- he "wakes up" one time too many)

I also watched a hell of a lot of soaps and disc one of Firefly (which is really good). Now I need some good books for a change of pace.


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