Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If I don't feed you, I don't love you

I was all happy with this template because it had these little pencils that let me edit my posts when I spotted a typo without having to leave the blog and go into edit mode. Except those pencils are gone today. Where are my pencils!?! I'm sure that it's something I've done or haven't done but I can't figure it out right now and am mightily annoyed. I'm still happy with this template though; it's nice and simple. I think I'm coming back to blue after my love affair with red.

I baked a cake today, to take to someone whose sister had passed away. It's what my people do: some dies, you bake; someone gets engaged, you make preserves, someone's born, why that merits the preperation of an entire meal! In my passive agressive way, I used to make make food and then give it to everyone except the person I didn't like. Yes, yes, I'm petty. We've been over that. But I digress. The point of this was today's cake, which was sliced up and dished out then and there. And someone asked me if I took orders. I'm not even sure if she was serious. I think way back when I wrote about how my mother wanted me to just stay at home and maybe take orders for cakes and things. Well, it looks like that might be working out for her. And I don't think I'm happy about it.


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