Friday, February 22, 2008

Beaver tails

Life being what it is, here's a list of somethings I want to do while I live in Canada:

Toronto stuff:

1) Watch a film at the TIFF

2) Go to a fashion week show

3) Freeze my ass off at Nathan Phillips on New Year's Eve

4) Watch fireworks down at the lake on Canada day

Canada stuff:

1) Visit all the provinces and at least one of the territories

2) See the Northern Lights

3) Camp at Algonquin

4) Go fishing

I figure the Toronto stuff should be pretty doable with the likely exception of the fireworks. Canada Day usually means some family thing which may or may not be fun. The Canada stuff is expensive and therefore much more difficult to pull off. I might go camping in Algonquin this summer though. The difficulty is, my parents wouldn't let me go if there were boys because it would be improper. They would also not let me go WITHOUT boys because that would be unsafe- we need big strong men to keep us safe. Ick. Man, for the first time in my life I wish I had a brother. Or at least male cousins who lived in the same country.


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