Friday, September 28, 2007

My new friends are all adults and my old friends all have scattered

I'm all sad and lonely. Yet another one of my friends left today; running off to far Australia. I went with her to the airport and we've promised to stay in touch. She probably will. I probably won't. I suck that way. I'm really going to make an effort and try this time though. It's that point in life where everyone's scattering, growing up, settling down or blowing wild like tumble weeds. As the title of the post, (which comes from a Sloan song, Autobiography) implies, the friends you make later in life may be wonderful but they aren't the same as people who knew you when you were young and in that stage in your life. The people I befriend now may turn out to be absolutely wonderful but we won't have the same crazy stories and stupid conversations. When I'm 65, they won't be the ones who make me feel like a ditzy teen-ager. It's just a different relationship. So, as more and more of my friends get further and further away, the feeling that it's the end of an era gets stronger. I'm determined that unlike with my high school friends, I'm going to keep things going this time.


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