Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rats. Lots of really big rats. Indeed.

God I'm sleepy. So why am I awake at half past two? Have I been out partying hard and am now scribbling off an incoherent post in a possibly inebriated state? Noooo. Yes, I was out tonight but was home by 9:20 after a wild time in Chinatown. Okay, "wild" might be mildly to grossly inaccurate. Still, I had a really good day: saw people I didn't expect to see, saw people I wanted to see (but hadn't in entirely too long) and bought myself a pretty wooden bangle in Kensington Market for four bucks. That's got nothing to do with why I'm both sleepy and awake. I don't know why after an absence of weeks I felt it absolutely necessary to post right this instant and about absolutely nothing at that.

I'm waiting for the heat but it's not here yet. It's May, heck, it's practically June; I want to break a sweat! I baked yesterday and will likely bake tomorrow but did not bake today. I liked today. I was talking about real baking btw, with flour and eggs and the such. Nothing allegorical.

I love Kensington Market. There are cats just walking around looking bitchy but acting slutty. I'm being gratuitously profane now. And likely incoherent.

Also, I can walk again. Yayyyyy! Okay, sleep now.


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