Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Moo or something unlike it

I'm depressed right now. For some reason I thought investigating camel cheese might cheer me up and oddly enough, it did so I'm actually much less depressed than I was. I was just wondering if people did make cheese from camel's milk, remembering an incident when I was about four noticed the milk bubbling over the mug in the microwave. It freaked me out, it looked so creepy. I asked what was wrong with the milk and was told that that was due it its being camel's milk, that was just what camel's milk did (it wasn't actually camel's milk). It's strange how things suddenly surface in one's mind. So I googled camel cheese and it turns out that the production of the stuff is a very recent thing, calf rennet being unable to coagulate the milk due to the composition of the fat chains etc. There's a vegetable rennet they're trying out in Mauritania that seems to work though the texture of the resultant cheese is a bit off. And reading all this stuff cheered me up. I think I miss learning. I should pick up some non-fiction or maybe even go through my text books. I guess that was the dullest post ever but I'm sure you're glad to know that there's now camel's milk cheese in the world


  • At 8:39 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Weird science post. Glad it cheered you up though! Read "What should I do with my life" Book extradonaire !


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