Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I like the thought of eating flowers

I tried to sugar rose petals today using this recipe. Not so successful. If you follow the recipe, the sugar sets up so fast that the petals just get stuck to the syrup and tear or you get them out but they glom up into a messy lump. I heated up my sugar with a little more water and tried to dip the petals again, this time over a hot water bath. That worked a little better. A couple hours later and they still haven't set so I tried sifting the icing sugar over a few of the petals and I'll check on them in the morning. If they still aren't any good at that point I'll try this recipe which sounds like the biggest headache ever. Individually painting each petal with an egg white mixture? Ick. It might have occoured to you to wonder why I'm going this. The answer? No good reason. I just wanted a few to use as decoration and picked the last few roses from the garden before the frost struck (they've been languishing in a vase since Thursday). Now that it's not going well I'm starting to feel stubborn. I've only got two roses left though so one more attempt is all I have left till next summer.

I am beginning to think that I should just give up and turn this into a out and out food blog. Or scrap this and start up a new one. Thing is, as stated before, I'm fickle. I'd just get bored and lose interest altogether if I had that narrow a scope.

It was hailing today. I usually spend autumn with my shoulders tensed up in dread and expectation of winter and I really shouldn't because this can be a gorgeous time of year as I've noticed from time to time, usually with a measure of shock. There are those cold, crisp days where the sky is super blue and all the red and yellow of the leaves verges on unrealistic. I think I usually have a worse time of autumn, being so busy looking over my shoulder for winter, than I do when the real cold actually gets here. At that point I just give in and try to make the best of it (or least that's what I do of late as opposed to hibernation). Once it's winter, I have spring to look forward to after all. At one point my goal in life was to move someplace where it was news if the temperature got below 10 degrees Celsius. I'm slowly (very slowly) making my peace with the cold. And the snow. And the ice. Just give me a few more years and I won't bat an eyelash that first day of flurries.


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