Thursday, December 01, 2005

A lady of the night

So, I actually did get all tarted up Monday night and went out to a poetry reading/party type thing, expecting that all my English type friends would be there but no.... I ended up at a table all by my lonesome, chewing on a straw, wishing I'd just stayed at home and read an Agatha Christie. Now, what I should have done was make a little conversation, have asked to join someone else's table, maybe batted my eyelashes a bit. I just enjoy batting my lashes.

When New Year's comes around, I'm going to resolve to be less nervous. I mean it's no big deal if a stranger blows me off, right? There was one person I knew at the party but she was busy as hell so I didn't get much of a chance to chat and it was only as I was leaving that a second person I knew came in. Turns out the party didn't really get started till later on. Damned curfew. Man, I'm just too early for everything. It feels like I always leave a place just as the fun's starting. Still, my goal this Christmas break is to have lots of lunch dates and I'm dragging my lazy-ass friends out of bed at a un-godly hour so that we can spend more than an hour together. They SHALL see the sun rise.

I'm going to have some mindless conversation dammit, and maybe some sushi too.


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