Thursday, November 17, 2005


I've been quite depressed lately; only getting out of bed because I had no choice in the matter. I'd do what housework I had to then watch t.v just to pass the time or reread books because they were comforting. I have a stack of postcards from a friend of mine who moved away that I haven't read yet and emails I haven't replied to dating back weeks. Still, I think I've finally snapped out of it. I feel human again and it's time to take control of my life. Well, at least a little bit of control. I've decided to look for jobs and volunteer placements, maybe take a course or something.

I've ordered a tonne of books from the library; familiar authors but books I haven't read. I like reading books by authors I'm used to; no matter how easy the writing style, I find it's always slower going the first time I read something by a writer. After that it doesn't matter how sticky or cluttered or complicated the style, it feels comfortable. So I've got myself a stack of Agatha Christies, some William Gibson and the new P.D James coming. Hopefully most of them will be ready for pick up by Saturday. I am planning to reread Guy Gavrial Kay's "The Summer Tree" though. It'll probably make me a bit sad, I remember the start of the book is set in con hall. Even when I read it in high school I'd been in con hall once for a day of lectures by Nobel Laureates and was able to picture the setting quite vividly. There was this evil creature crawling on the glass of the dome in the story which no one noticed but when I read it I thought, "I would have seen it!" I spent most of those lectures staring up at the dome since it was in the days before I started wearing specs. I miss school and I miss being on campus. Most of it was just so beautiful. My mother got a digital camera so I can finally take pictures of all the trees and buildings and ivy I want. Next week I'm going to photograph everything until my fingers get numb with cold.


  • At 2:49 p.m. , Anonymous aisha said...

    Can't wait to get a glimpse of what you see everyday =).
    If you don't mind my aksing, why did you leave school?


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