Friday, January 02, 2009

Ou est la souris???

My eyes feel sad today. Which is to say that I don't feel sad, or rather it's not really registering, but my eyes know. They are begging for an excuse to start trickling. I was at Sick Kid's earlier, laughing at my friend's story of comforting sobbing visitors who were there to lend support while her baby was sick. We did a lot of laughing considering that her boy was too sick for me to even see him. Sometimes you have to pretend things are okay, even when you're scared that they never will be again. I'm not good at comforting people. My hugs are awkward, (I came late to hugging and am still working on technique), but I can manage distraction I think. So I guess I'm trying to distract myself now.

On to cheerful irrelevance now! Have you noticed how much 'Lenin and McCarthy' sounds like 'Lennon and McCartney'? I've had the song Lenin and McCarthy stuck in my head all day and as I sing the two lines I know I keep saying Lennon or McCartney and yes, it was a while before the similarity occurred to me. I was amused. But then, I am very easily amused.

Speaking of amusing, I couldn't help laughing at Jesse Matheson's "The French Song". This, I think, is one of those things that are funny if you have the shared cultural context, that context in this case being a childhood in Canada taking French as a compulsory second language through to grade nine and the shitty French you end up knowing as a result. Random, bizarre vocab remains with you years later. Or you might find the song dumb.

I've been listening to a lot of CBC Radio 3 since the night I tuned in to the Edge, my usual station, only to find them playing DANCE-CRAP. And it kept going! Song after song was DANCE-CRAP! Live to air is no excuse so I had to find something else to listen to while I did my pre-dawn baking. Radio 3 isn't perfect, it's a mix of genres but if something crappy plays I can just listen to a band I like from their list until something better comes on.

I've been making some poor movie choices lately. I watched The Happening. It was beyond bad. There were times I felt almost physically ill, mostly when they were talking science. I had vague memories of Zooey Dechanel being a decent actress. She was so awful I kept hoping she'd die horribly. Soon. Which she didn't. Sorry for wrecking it for you. Everyone else in the movie also sucked. It all sucked. Every last second. Such suckiness.

I also saw Across the Universe, which, to be fair, Yaser warned me was bad. Another friend liked it though. About thirty seconds in, I kid you not, my sister turns to me and says, "I think I'm going to agree with Yaser". It took me longer to reach that conclusion but I eventually did. Pointless story lines, pointless characters. They managed to take a relevant issue and turn it into pointlessness. As a story, it was awful. As a bunch of music videos strung together, it was a few decent songs but mostly mediocre to not good.

I have a certain fondness for dumb, brainless action flicks. It's a weakness. I especially like heist films. Recently I saw The Bank Job, which was not as light-hearted as I had expected. It wasn't bad, but I'd say only watch it if you're doing so for free, (good old TPL). I also saw Smokin' Aces, which I'd put on par with The Bank Job. It got off to a slow start but picked up later. I like my action flicks fast and easy. No thought involved. Then there was Eagle Eye. Good brainless fun. Lots of running. Lots of crashes. Predictable? Sure. But that's not the point of it. Wanted was bizarre but if you disregard plot and are capable of completely suspending disbelief, it is good, brainless fun. Yay special effects, fights and chase scenes! Mumble mumble Matrix mumble you say? Meh, I only saw the first one and that was AGES ago. So yes, I went "ooooh, shiny" and enjoyed myself. Most recently I watched Protegé. It wasn't really an action movie, more of a crime thriller, but I really liked it. And I learned a lot about heroin. There was a cheesy dismemberment scene but aside from that I thought it was quite good. Unfortunately I couldn't find a trailer with subtitles.

Having successfully distracted myself to the point of sleepiness, (and perhaps you too), I'll end this long ramble of post.


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