Thursday, December 22, 2005

Booty's kin

Today my mother apologized to me for the first time that I can remember. Her normal stance is that she's my mother so she doesn't need to apologize. It really threw me for a loop, I don't quite know how to take it. I can't help feeling like there must be something behind it and I'm worried; what if she's sick or they've found someone to marry me off to and she wants to part on good terms. I don't know... it's just so unsettling.

On a happier note, I counted twenty-seven squirrels in Queen's Park today just by turning around. So those are just the squirrels I spotted and the count doesn't include the ones scampering in the treetops or out of the range of what I can see without my specs on. I wish I'd had something to feed them, they were coming right up to me. Soo cute! I should post some squirrel pictures.


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