Monday, December 12, 2005

Filthy lucre (now gone)

I shopped and shopped hard today. Not the recreational, trying on stuff you can't afford, smearing a different shade of polish on each fingernail, damn why aren't these shoes in my size kind of shopping but the hardcore, got to get this done by whenever-o-clock type of shopping. I did it, dozed on the subway while clutching my bags like teddy bears then staggered through the door and managed to drag my stuff upstairs before exhaustion claimed me. Now, I've normally got the stamina for these retail missions but today I was rather agitated to start off with having had a rather stressful week at home. Then I worked out in the morning which mean I'd dragged myself out of bed at 5:30am. Then to top it off, I was dragging around two bags of sugar in addition to my gym clothes. Luckily vader was there to shoulder the burden most of the time but when I had the bag on, I tried to sit on a bench and actually tipped backwards, all turtle on my back, needing to be righted. Oh well, I'm going to read the Tale of Genji now. I swear, those guys keep bemoaning the inadequacies of the women they court but they don't seem particularly sparkly catches themselves.


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