Thursday, April 06, 2006


So this friend of mine has it baaaad for a guy she met some weeks ago. Thing is, he's seeing someone, has been with the girl a few years now. Sucks, right? He's giving off interested vibes though and they're spending tonnes of time together. She says she isn't encouraging him to break it off with his girlfriend or anything but if he did... well she wouldn't say no to dating him. To further complicate things, due to very different religious backgrounds, both their families would freak over them dating. Now, this whole situation has me bothered and it seems silly. Why should I care? And is my friend really doing anything wrong by just hanging out with this guy? I mean, he's the one in the relationship, he's the one who should be watching himself, it's not my friend's responsibility to keep him from falling for her. Still, I find myself thinking less of her for, while not directly encouraging it, spending lots of time with a guy she knows is in a long term relationship and feels might be somewhat interested. Don't get me wrong, if he does end things with his girlfriend I'm blaming him, not my friend. Just because you're presented with temptation doesn't mean you have to give into it. But I think, knowing the score as she did, it would have been better for my friend to have just walk away.


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