Thursday, January 05, 2006 the chapel....of loooove!

I'm back from visiting relatives State-side and am housebound since my family is thoroughly sick. Some nasty flu-type thing that I have managed to escape so far. I've been dosed with coriander seed tea and been commanded to take a multivitamin but today my throat is all scratchy and my head aches. I considered sleeping early but I think I'll watch a three hour Bollywood flick instead. But no mush. I'm just not up for romantic gunk these days; it seems to make me bitter. Perhaps because all anyone can talk about is getting me married off and the actual wedding. People are actually picking out what they're going to wear!! Crazy crazy.

It's just driving me mad, that everyone acts as though there is no meaning to my life till I'm married. I get married and then poof! I become a real person. Well, I won't really get much respect until I have a child but at least I'll be given more respect than the 10 year olds.


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