Wednesday, March 29, 2006


God, it's been ages since I updated. Yaser finally got rid of his link to this place so I decided to spite him by actually posting. Hah!

So, what's going on with me these days? I'm still going crazy, especially when I'm at home. I get back from the lab where I volunteer and the tension starts to work into my shoulders as soon as I get off the bus. I cross the street over to my house and hesitate before going up the driveway. Finally I stand in front of the door and debate just turning around, getting on the next bus and not coming back. In the end of course I pull out my key and let myself in, my stomach tight and a feeling of nausea increasing with every step. So much for "Home, sweet home".

I need a full time job, maybe something where I work week-ends too. I look forward to when my parents finally go to bed so that I can have a little time to relax, breathe without fear.