Saturday, April 15, 2006


Easter week-end and I have no real plans. Haven't been feeling too good the past few days but I'm going to do a little shopping at the Eaton Centre tomorrow. I need more hair stuff. I go through mine pretty slowly; the last bottle lasted me about 2 years. I can't be bothered to actually do much with my hair, just brush it and bun it usually. I might buy a new hair brush too, mine's kinda sucky.

I'm going to be working in the lab full time as of next month. That the good news. The bad news is I'm still going to be doing it for free. Oh well, I'll be helping with an experiment instead of the odd jobs I do now so that should be good experience. I'm going to job hunt during the summer.

Looks like this summer will be filled with houseguests. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to that. See, when someone comes in from out of town, everyone has to "give them a dinner" because it "wouldn't be nice" otherwise, regardless of the fact that they might prefer to do fun stuff in the foreign city. Stupidness. Yet, no one really has any choice. You don't give a dinner, people will talk. You don't go, people will talk. That's what comes of having a society that has nothing to do besides gossip and eat at each other's houses. God save the freaks who try to do anything different.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Paper Plate and Ribbon

I went to a baby shower yesterday; for a girl I knew from school and I had a great time, although I knew only two of the people there. It was just one of those days when I felt great and everyone was friendly and funny and everything was perfect.

I've been reading tonnes of late. Just finished P.D Jame's "The Lighthouse" which I think is her latest murder mystery. Really good book, very character driven. I reread "The Snow Queen" by Joan D. Vinge. Sometimes rereading a good book after a long time is as good as a first time read. You can remember a few details, you know it's going to be good but you're still surprised in places. "The Snow Queen" is sci-fi, won the Hugo or the Nebula, can't remember which. I definitely reccommend it. I'm on "Flowers for Algernon" now then onto a bunch of LeGuin. I don't know how people who get nauseous on the subway manage.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


So this friend of mine has it baaaad for a guy she met some weeks ago. Thing is, he's seeing someone, has been with the girl a few years now. Sucks, right? He's giving off interested vibes though and they're spending tonnes of time together. She says she isn't encouraging him to break it off with his girlfriend or anything but if he did... well she wouldn't say no to dating him. To further complicate things, due to very different religious backgrounds, both their families would freak over them dating. Now, this whole situation has me bothered and it seems silly. Why should I care? And is my friend really doing anything wrong by just hanging out with this guy? I mean, he's the one in the relationship, he's the one who should be watching himself, it's not my friend's responsibility to keep him from falling for her. Still, I find myself thinking less of her for, while not directly encouraging it, spending lots of time with a guy she knows is in a long term relationship and feels might be somewhat interested. Don't get me wrong, if he does end things with his girlfriend I'm blaming him, not my friend. Just because you're presented with temptation doesn't mean you have to give into it. But I think, knowing the score as she did, it would have been better for my friend to have just walk away.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shotgun Wedding

It's April fool's day. One of my best friends in high school moved State-side before we graduated but she'd come back and visit and we kept in touch at first. She was real sweet and quite gullible and my plan was to freak her out by calling on April 1 st to tell her I'd been married off by my parents (since she knew they'd been casting around for that NBB since I was about 17). I'd say it had been a real last minute thing with some out of towner and then there'd be much screaming, squealing and "Is he the skinny, goofy nerd of your dreams?" before I confessed. I never did do it, forgetting about April 1st unless someone else pranked me, and now we've totally lost touch. I can't even call her since I had my phone book stolen (as a consequence of having my bag stolen). So now I feel sad, not because I can never pull that joke on her but because she was one of my favourite people and I haven't spoken to her in maybe three years.


Week-ends suck. I feel like such a slob because I just end up watching movies or reading the whole time (unless I do some cooking). I'm not allowed out on week-ends in case someone drops by and discovers I'm not at home.

"What? She's out gallivanting?? She must be a woman of easy virtue; I shall spread this news throughout the land so that none shall be so rash as to marry the harlot". Well, that's what my parents are afraid will happen anyway. A good girl stays home to cook, clean and entertain.

I think I'll be a bitch when I grow up and refuse to have tea in the house just to torture my guests. Cue petty diabolical laughter.